It is truly a blessing to design a wine list for a restaurant as accomplished as this, to work with the vast palates our industry has to offer and to have the ability to sample some of the world’s finest wines just off our doorstep.

Taking into consideration our patrons ever increasing knowledge on evolving wines, to the rainbow of delicately crafted authentic Thai dishes, it has been a challenge to impress and surpass the expectations of our ever growing clientele.

Our passion knows no bounds. In just over two months, we have tasted the best South Africa has to offer: From the cool slopes of Elgin to the frozen mountains of the Cederberg; From the warm and ever inviting vines of Stellenbosch, to the elegant valleys of Franschhoek, we have paired each wine on this list to an assortment of our culinary delights.


All of our wines have been carefully selected and stored at an optimal temperature and in a humidity controlled environment to aid with the aging process.

We have a large selection of premium wines by the glass to ensure your dining experience is enhanced with every sip.

We invite you to browse through our cellar collection. These wines have been carefully selected and only placed onto the list when they are at their drinking best. We have not put tasting notes down for our cellar collection, as with age, the wines evolve.

Due to the rarity of our cellar collection wines and the time we have taken to cellar them, their availability is limited. Especially those of a maiden vintage and single barrel collection.

Our team is happy to guide you through your culinary experience with us here at South Africa’s number one voted Asian Restaurant.

Thank you and enjoy your Kitima experience.


Wine by the glass: 185ml per serving; Dessert Wine: 75ml per serving. Prices are subject to change without notice. All products and services provided are subject to our general terms and conditions. Please note corkage is not permitted.



Our champagne and MCC’s have been selected as both an aperitif and as a beverage that pairs well with our appetizers. The bubbles cut through the infused oils in our dishes to produce a refreshing finish on the palate. Both Champagne and Cap Classique have the versatility to pair exceptionally well with all dishes. From our simple yet elegant Dim Sum to our full flavoured Phad Chaa dishes.

Veuve Clicquot Brut NV – 1950
Fresh white fruits and a vanilla nose followed by a symphony of fresh fruits on the palate.

Billecart Salmon Brut Réserve NV – 2250
Full yet fine Champagne with floral freshness, ripe pears and a crisp finish.

Bollinger Special Cuvée NV – 2550
Fresh, focused acidity, layered with notes of roasted apple, blackcurrant and honey.

Billecart Salmon Brut Rosé NV  2950
Light and elegant with ripe berry fruit, lemon zest and a raspberry finish.


Allée Bleue Brut Rosé 2013   115 / 385
A fresh and lively MCC bursting with flavours of strawberry, rose petal and candy floss.

Allée Bleue Brut 2012   115 / 385
Aromas of toasted nuts, candyfloss and citrus, speak of the passion involved in making a wine of such class.

Colmant Sec Reserve NV –  485
A fresh and crisp palate with lingering notes of citrus and sun sweetened apples.

Astraeus Chardonnay Reserve Brut NV 500
Pleasant and inviting biscuit notes with ripe stone fruit and green apple complexity on the palate.

Astraeus Rosé Pinot Noir NV – 500
It gives off floral and mineral aromas and strikes a fine balance on the palate.

With our dry, off dry and complex Rosé wines on offer, they pair well with a variety of dishes.

These wines have a natural affinity with spicy dishes, especially those that contain peppers.

Mulderbosh 2016 – 185
Flavours of fresh cherry and watermelon with a weighted palate of juicy fruits and acidity.

Warwick: 1st Lady 2016 – 70 / 215
Pomegranate, strawberry and watermelon with fresh acidity, bone dry.

Iona: Sophie 2015 – 225
Delicious wild red berries and spicy notes with rich floral and strawberry aromas.


In South Africa we have two types of Sauvignon Blanc drinkers. Those who enjoy the warmer climate wines which produce a soft nose but an abundance of tropical fruit and those who enjoy cooler climate Sauvignon Blancs, which produce a noticeable amount of acidity with a nose of green flavours. Our Sauvignon Blancs pair exceptionally well with our dim sum range as well as our sushi.

Silvermist Organic 2015 – 275
Light fragrant tropical notes with hints of refreshing citrus, accompanied by ripened fig and underlying floral aromas, held together by an alluring minerality.

Nitida 2016 245
Accessible minerality balancing out the acidity, pronounced apple and figs.

Springfield: Life From Stone 2017 315
Lively red peppers and passionfruit with firm underlying tones of minerals and flintiness.

Ataraxia 2016 305
Crisp minerality, alluring fruit with aromas of citrus and lemongrass.

Steenberg 2016 295
Passion fruit, ruby grapefruit and aromas of gun smoke followed by lime and sugar snap peas.

Klein Constantia 2016 90 / 375
Crisp fresh notes, complimented by tropical flavours of sweet melon, gooseberries and kiwi fruit.

Peacock Wild Ferment 2016 65 / 205
A crisp, yet elegant wine with green and lemon flavours.



The “stand out” variety in the white wine division is our unwooded Chardonnay range. This variety pairs in absolute harmony with our Asian dishes. Tropical flavours and aromas include citrus fruits, melon, fresh cut grass and hints of vanilla.

Brampton 2016 195
Pear, passion fruit, yellow peach and pineapple aromas that develop further on the palate.

Groote Post 2017 275
Full flavours of citrus and lime with a generous palate of marmalade that delivers freshness.

Warwick: First Lady 2016 – 85 / 245
Pale straw in colour with intense notes of pineapple, lemon and citrus. Broad mid-palate.

Peacock Wild Ferment 2016 60 / 205
A restrained mineral style, focusing on elegance with soft fruit, gooseberry and citrus notes.


Hartenberg 2015 85 / 285
Crisp and creamy, notes of lemon and lime with a long mineral finish.

La Bri 2015 335
A fresh, crisp, clean entry with a lemon mid-palate and a long elegant finish.

Creation 2016 395
Peach and pear on the nose with fruit and well balanced acidity.

Eikendal 2013  Stellenbosch   60 / 235
Packed with freshness and hints of minerality, followed by ripe pears, honeysuckle, orange peel, apples and honey.


South Africa is the largest producer of Chenin Blanc in the world. Therefore the ranges of flavour profiles are endless. Chenin Blanc boasts fruit flavours of melon, pear and peach with alluring floral aromas and a lovely crispness. Because of Chenin Blanc’s balanced acidity and inherently fruity flavour, you’ll find it pairs well with foods that have a sweet and sour element.

A Badenhorst: Secateurs 2015/16 185
Flinty and honey aromas with subtle hints of orange blossom and white stone fruits.

Touch of Oak 2015 – 85 / 265
Upfront tropical flavours on the nose, with litchi and pear aromas that follows through on the palate.

Post House: Stamp of Chenin 2016 265
Rich and full-bodied palate with peach, honey and citrus.

Kleine Zalze: Family Reserve 2015 370
Lime and winter melon on the nose with citrus and elderflower on the palate.

Peacock Wild Ferment 2016 65 / 205
Ripe, clean, intense flavours of apple and pear add complexity to the juicy palate.

Riesling is characterized by sweet fruity flavours, mineral aromas and floral notes, with good acidity. 

Hartenberg 2014 225
Dry in style with rich spicy aromas, honeyed lime zest and a touch of botrytis.

Jordan: The Real McCoy 2016 90 / 285
Intense lemon–lime flavours with crisp fruit, makes it a superb partner with spicy food.

Viognier is well known for producing wines with distinct floral aromas and assertive stone fruit flavours. Viognier has a highly aromatic and fruit driven nature with a full velvety mouth feel, this allows the wine to pair well with spicy foods and it can be unbelievably tasty with coconut milk.

Creation 2016 325
Abundantly fruity and forthcoming, yet refined on the nose with fragrant white peach aromas.

Lismore 2013 / 14 115 / 475
Honey suckle and peaches with a lingering citrus finish. A fresh acidity supports the extravagance on the nose.

An exquisite selection of unique wine varietals have been chosen for the discerning connoisseur to pair with a wide variety of our dishes. 

Paul Cluver Gewürztraminer 2016 80 / 285
The nose has a surprising combination of rose petal, lychee, cucumber and summer melon.

Paulina’s Reserve Sémillon 2014 100 / 345
The nose has a surprising combination of rose petal, lychee, cucumber and summer melon.

Leeuwenkuil Marsanne 2014 240
White ginger flower, tropical fruit and hints of vanilla with good acidity and minerality.

Our White Blends have all been selected based on their food pairing ability and their “stand alone” drinking profile. Blended white wines have a wide variety of flavours and aromas, it can range from crisp and acidic to oaked and full-bodied with a wide spectrum of fruits and flowery notes on the nose.


Buitenverwachting: Buiten Blanc 2017 – 75 / 195
Selection of fruit characters, including ripe gooseberry, green melon and hints of tropical fruit.

Quando 2016 – 225
Rose petals, ripe pear and apricot on the nose following through with a complex, rich palate.

Nativo 2014  – 325
Subtle aromas of apricots, lime, pineapple and oak nuances. Fresh yet bold with lingering minerality.


The flavours of Cabernet Sauvignon wines include tobacco, leather, lead pencil shavings and sometimes vanilla and blackcurrants. They usually produce wines with strong tannins which enhance the aging potential of this varietal. 

Warwick: First Lady 2015 95 / 285
Red berries, sweet blackcurrants and a pleasant herbal character, complimented by sweet vanilla.

Ridgeback 2014 385
Classic upfront cassis, dark plum and a hint of mint evolves to notes of cigar box and dried herbs.

Stark Condé 2015 345
Deep blackcurrant and fern leaf aromas. Polished and plush rounded tannins with a hauntingly long finish.

Eikendal 2013 – 405
Fresh red currants, mulberries and cracked pepper, with firm tannins and fresh acidity.

Waterford Estate 2013/14 525
Elegant aromatics with strong red berries and a typical dry and tight structure.

Peacock Wild Ferment 2016 85 / 225
Hints of cassis, chocolate and vanilla spice on the nose. Lovely length and elegance with subtle tannins.


Pinot Noir is widely received as a preferred varietal to pair with Thai food. This gentle yet temperamental grape can show notes of strawberry and cherry as well as stewed fruits and leather.

Iona: Mr P 2014/15 95 / 335
Succulent black cherry aromas, bright but delicate with hints of forest floor and underlying floral and spicy notes.

Creation 2016 495
Cherry and dark berry aromas with earthy notes highlighting this classic Pinot Noir.

Muratie: George Paul Canitz 2015 435
Smooth and velvety with an elegant raspberry and cherry nose.

Merlot grapes produce a wine with flavours and aromas of black cherries, berries, plum, chocolate and herbs. The softer characteristics of Merlot with the fruity flavours make it a red wine that’s well suited to lighter foods that won’t overwhelm the flavours of the wine.

Hout Bay Vineyards 2015 415
Gentle, well-rounded and versatile. Rich ripe fruit flavours with a fresh savoury finish.

La Bri 2014 95 / 315
A fruit bomb of cherries and red plums, with underlying earthy aromas.

Groote Post 2015 355
Hints of smoked beef and mint on the nose with blackberries, plum and chocolate.

De Grendal 2015 – 395
Mulberry, raspberry and blackberry fruit accompanied by liquorice and mocha flavours.

Vergelegen Reserve 2012 525
Ripe plum colour, the nose shows ripe fruit flavours, black cherries, plum and spice.

Peacock Wild Ferment 2012 85 / 225
Aromas of cassis and cedar wood, juicy flavours are contained by the fine tannins.

This varietal is unique to South Africa and is a cross between Hermitage and Pinot Noir. The aroma is characterized by cherries, plum, chocolate and smoky notes. Pinotage retains a perception of sweetness, even when the wines are technically dry.

Doolhof: Dark Lady 2016 95 / 245
A coffee, mocha explosion with dark chocolate, rich black fruit and black cherries on the nose.

Rijk’s: Touch of Oak 2013 315
Medium to dark garnet in colour, red berry to plum nose with hints of white chocolate.

Longridge 2015 365
Elegant, full-bodied with flavours of dark chocolate and sweet spices.


This full-bodied wine originating in the Middle East has characteristics of blueberries, blackcurrants and chocolate with notes of pepper and spicy inflections. This incredible varietal adds a complex element when pairing with the delicate flavours of Thai food.


Hartenberg: Doorkeeper 2015 65 / 195
Full rich aromas of concentrated spice, chocolate plumminess and savoury notes. Rich, yet subtle palate.

Ridgeback 2012/13 375
Sour cherry, liquorice and black pepper are well supported by an elegant, firm structure.

Creation 2015 465
An aromatic wine impressing with cherry and peppery spice interwoven with soft notes of violets.

Kevin Arnold 2013 525
Ripe fig, black pepper and spice complimented with oak and a dry structured finish.

Peacock Wild Ferment 2014 85 / 225
Ripe fig, black pepper and spice complimented with oak and a dry structured finish.

An exquisite selection of unique wine varietals have been chosen for the discerning connoisseur to pair with a wide variety of our delicate dishes. From concentrated palates and fresh finishes to varying levels of complexity and texture. Please ask your waiter to assist with your optimal pairing options.

Doolhof – Malbec 2015 105 / 365
Intense dark purple with black cherry and eucalyptus, with elements of fresh mint and fynbos.

Doolhof – Cabernet Franc 2012 315
Youthful, dark red with perfumed blackcurrants, violets, lead pencil shavings and graphite on the nose.

Arendsig: Inspirational Batch – Grenache 2014 415
Red berries and hints of spice followed by a silky smooth mouth feel of mixed berries and pepper.

Spice Route Grenache 2015 325
Red berry fruit and subtle pepper harmonize with cardamom and iron-like spices.


South African winemakers have taken blending to a world acclaimed art over the last few years. With Bordeaux and Rhône style blends consistently evolving in today’s market, our own Cape Blend is becoming increasingly popular. We have selected beautiful soft blends to vintage statement wines.

De Toren: Book 17 2012 – 
De Toren: Fusion V 2011  1150
Vilafonte: Series C 2006 – 2250
Vilafonte: Series M 2004 – 1950
Waterford: The Jem 2010 – 3150
Hartenberg: Mckenzie 2008 1850
Rust en Vrede: Estate 2013 – 1250
Vergelegen Estate: GVB 2011 – 1350
Waterford: Library Collection 2004 –


Nativo 2010 – 90 / 350
Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Pinotage
Aromas of blackcurrants, spices and distinctive minerality. Warm mouth feel and silky finish. 

Joubert Tradauw: R62 2013 – 395
Cabernet Savignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Bordeaux blend containing sweet red and black fruits, fynbos and an undertone of cured meats.

Hout Bay Vineyards: Petrus 2013 – 435
Shiraz, Grenach, Mourvèdre
Rhône blend with typical raspberry notes, spices and vanilla make up this local favourite.

Warwick: Three Cape Ladies 2013 – Stellenbosch   395
Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot
Ripe Plum and brambleberry with pencil shavings and smooth firm tannins.

Constantia Glen: Three 2013 – 595
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot
Complex nose of blackberries, spice and plum fruit. Palate is full with texture and ripe velvety tannins.

Vergelegen: DNA 2012 – 515
Bordeaux: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot
Ripe berries rounded with chocolate and coffee notes, round tannins and a lingering finish.

Chamonix: Troika 2014 – 645
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Aromas of vanilla, sweet ripe cherries, blackberries, cinnamon and other spices.

Meerlust: Rubicon 2013 1050
Bordeaux: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot
Aromas of ripe plum, cedar wood and intense spiciness.


Nitida Modjadji (50ml)   85

Signal Hill Straw Wine (50ml)   55

Klein Constantia: Vin de Constance (50ml)   145



BRANDY (25ml)
KWV 20 year   68
Ron Zacapa 195
Oude Molen XO  76
Van Ryn 15 year   64
Van Ryn 20 year   78

VODKA (25ml)
Cruz Vintage Black   27
Wyborowa Exquisite   40
Grey Goose   38
Belvedere Intense   52

GIN (25ml)
Tanqueray-10   52
Beefeater 24  35
Botanist   52
Six Dogs  40

Johnny W King George V  550
Johnny W Blue Label  195
Jack Daniels Single Barrel  44
Glenfiddich 12yr  130
Lagavulin 16yr  62
Laphroaig 18yr  69

Teeling Single Grain  75
Teeling Single Malt  85
Bushmills Black  32

Hennessy Paradis   530
Hennessy XO  172
Remy Martin 1988  335
Remy Martin XO  175
Martell Extra  510
Camus Extra   495
Chabot Armagnac  295